Jack is one of Erec's friends that he met along with Oscar at the train station. He was kind to Erec and Bethany when they met, unlike Oscar.

The Dragon's EyeEdit

Erec and Bethany met Jack along with Oscar at the train station. Jack quickly warmed up to them, apoligizing for calling them "Losers". In the contests to become king, Jack made quite a lot of progress, and advanced quickly. Unfortunatly, he was soon eliminated.

The Monsters of OthernessEdit

Jack had a more minor role in the second book...but, in this book, Jack trained his magic skills with his magic tutor.

The Search for TruthEdit

In the third book, Jack joined Erec, Bethany, Jam, and Melody in securing the five awen. Jack had volunteered to hold the Awen of Sight, thus completely blinding him until the awen were buried. Jack did not pick up that they had to speak in opposites to avoid the awen of harmony's hold on them immediately, but eventually got it.

The Three FuriesEdit

In "The Three Furies", Jack assisted in raiding Baskania's Fortress in Jakarta to save Bethany, but got caught with Melody and Jam. Luckily, they escaped with Erec and Griffin's help and proceeded out, saving Bethany in the process. Jack was deeply worried about Oscar trusting Baskania, and was very sad to be swept away by his friend. He, Erec, and Bethany watched as Oscar used the Nokivov Time Bender to take his revenge on Rosco Kroc ...

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  1. Talking to Animals- Jack could talk to all animals. This gift did not allow him to actually know what baby animals were thinking, or saying, though. Talking to animals made Jack "one with the animals" in a way, so Jack became a vegetarian, although he accidentily ate a hamburger when the Awen of knowledge was nearby.