Jam is the head butler in King Piter's Castle. He is a very modest man, saying "sorry", and referring to everybody as "sir", or "modom'. He journeyed with Erec to otherness, and proved his loyalty by sticking with Erec through his quest to stop the "monsters''in Lerna.

He came with Erec on many of his other quests, including his quest to secure the 5 Awen. There, his anger came out when he had the Awen of Harmony, which causes people to aquire a very angry, hateful feeling.


Jam is almost always prepared for what is coming ahead of them, and protects everyone who is with him. He is very Modest as well. His magical gift lets him identify herbs. he also owns a magical serving tray that can produce any food item of choice.

The Dragon's EyeEdit

Jam did not physically appear in this book.

The Monsters of OthernessEdit

In "The Monsters of Otherness", Jam first appeared. He came with Erec to stop the 'monsters' of Lerna. Jam fought valiently in the battle along with the Cyclops, and other varous creatures.

The Search For TruthEdit

In "The Search For Truth", Jam assisted Erec with Bethany, Jack, and Melody to seek out the five awen. Upon finding them, Jam volunteered to hold the awen of harmony, thus turning him into an "Angry Butler". He returned to normal after Erec had the Awen buried.


Jam can identify any herb, and on top of that, he is always prepared. he is a very valient butler.