June O'Hara is Erec's adoptive mother. She was assigned to watch the royal triplets when they were still alive. Although it was found out that Erec was one of the triplets. It was hinted at that Danny and Sammy could have been the other two triplets, but instead they were the Clown King and Queen.

In "The Dragon's Eye" June was captured by King Pluto, and put in his dungeons. With her help Erec had to create a blasting formula to get her out of the dungeons. He also had to get past the Destroyers and Shadow Demons to get to her. When he found her prison cell, a Shadow Demon confronted Erec. June kept yelling for him to walk through him but he failed. Before almost being killed by the Shadow Demon he threw the blasting formula at June's cell and freed her. Balthazar Ugry saved Erec from the Shadow Demon and June escaped to her home in New Jersey.