Piter Rex


King Piter, Piter


  • Posey Rex (sister)
  • Pluto Rex (brother)
  • Hesti Rex (wife)
  • Erec Rex (son)
  • Edward Rex (son)
  • Elizabeth Rex (daughter)




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King Piter is one of the original rulers of the kingdoms of the keepers, along with his brother Pluto, and sister Posey. They are not the original creators of the kingdoms however. He is the ruler of Alympium.


King Piter played a very minor role in the first book, having been bewitched by the head cook, Hecate Jekyll, accompliced by Spartacus Kilroy, who did not know he was helping to bewitch the king. At the end of the first book, Erec cures the king and the castle, which was turned on its side before he became ill, was turned back upright.

The Monsters of OthernessEdit

In The Monsters of Otherness, King Piter plays a more important role, but is still not seen very often after about halfway through the book. Erec returns to Alypium to start his quests and on his first night, has dinner with Bethany and the king. The king says that all of the dragon hatchlings are missing and he has to go to Otherness to help. He also claims that the Substance is in danger. At this point Erec is continually asking the king questions about his past, but he will not answer them because he feels that Erec is not ready. Eventually it is revealed that Piter is actually Erec's father. This means that Erec is one of the three royal triplets that were supposedly killed along with Piter's wife 10 years before Erec saved the king. The other two identites were hinted at Danny and Sammy Rex (Erec's adoptive siblings) but was not true.

In The Three Furies, King Piter starts out very ill, due to him not wanting to use his scepter fearing that it has taken control of him. Finding this, Erec commands his scepter to go away and to never return until called for. This presents a problem however because the kings and queens live longer due to their scepters and if they are away from them for too long they die. So the king goes to stay near his sister's scepter to heal him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  1. Scepter- King Piter is able to use a Scepter which gives him great magical power.
  2. Magic- King Piter is shown to be able to use magic without the aid of a Scepter or a remote control.