Thanatos Argus Baskania


The Crown Prince of Peace, The Shadow Prince, Thaddy, Prince Baskania, Emperor Baskania


Cassandra Baskania (Grandmother)

Eye Color


Hair Color

Silver gray


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Thanatos Argus Baskania is the creator of the Kingoms of the Keepers and is a very powerful sorcerer. He is also very famous in Upper Earth known as "The Crown Prince of Peace".




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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  1. Control of the Substance- Baskania has the magical gift to be able to manipulate the Substance to a great extent, giving him extreme magical powers. However, the substance does not allow him to stop time.
  2. Many Eyes- Baskania has many eyes inside of his body, which he can bring to the surface at any time. When one of the eyes is brought to the surface, he can see through the other eye of whoever the eye he has belongs to.


  • His first name (Thanatos) is the Greek and Roman name for the god of death, his middle name (Argus) is also from mythology, was a monster with a 100 eyes, and Baskania means evil eye in Ancient Greek.