These are the quests that Erec must perform to become King. They are drawn out of Al's Well, and determined by the Fates. Erec is currently the only one that can drawn the quests from Al's Well.

Quest 1: Break open Patchouli's eggs in Nemea.

Quest 2: Fight the monsters in Lerna

Quest 3: Get the Beehind from Artie and Kyron and kll the manticore

Quest 4: Retrieve the five Awen from their mystical hiding places and unite them

Quest 5: Find the missing Clown Fairy, survive the Nightmare Realm,

Quest 6: Give up your soul to the three furies

Quest 7: Sacrifice yourself from the next five people to be executed by Baskania at the Diamond Minds of Argos and set the 3,000 souls that are being help captive by the furies.

Quest 8: Ride the Mythical Horse of elements into Battle and save Ashona.

Quest 9: unknown

Quest 10: unknown

Quest 11: unknown

Quest 12: unknown